Gerson joined GBA in 2018 and has stepped into many supporting roles. He assists in submitting HRSA Budget Progress Reports, New Access Points, and Service Area Competitions. As a grant writing coordinator, Gerson identifies funding sources that match client needs. He helps guide clients through initiating contact through Letters of Intent. He also guides organizations through the process of becoming Nonprofits, applying for grant opportunities, and submitting grant reports to funders. Recently, Gerson has taken a more active role in GBA’s Evaluations Team. Here, he creates datasets to process information gathered through surveys. As his role in evaluations grows, he hopes to better help clients take full advantage of GBA’s many services.

An Orange County transplant to Northern California, Gerson studied cultural anthropology and marketing at Chico State. He has years of experience in community organizing through grass-roots and nonprofit efforts. This is because he places heavy importance on community strength-building. Most of his work has focused on helping increase access to higher education and on migrant rights. However, Gerson is also an advocate of healthcare as a human right. In 2016, he and a group of students conducted an ethnographic investigation on access to healthcare for undocumented youth. He has also been invited to speak on healthcare accessibility in different panels as he manages his own chronic condition. Gerson plans to pursue a doctorate in organizational anthropology, focusing on healthcare models and the underserved populations that must navigate them.

When not at work, Gerson spends his time reading comic books, playing video games, or attending conventions with his husband. His favorite works include the comic book series Saga by Fiona Staples and Brian Vaughan, the videogame The Last of Us from NaughtyDog, and the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion by Hideaki Anno. Gerson continues supporting community betterment efforts led by youth groups. Now his role is that of a mentor and a donor since he has stepped back so he can have more time to pet his cat.