Our Story

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Founded in 1991, Gary Bess Associates (GBA) has helped more than 500 private, not-for-profit organizations and public agencies meet their missions and better serve their clients and communities.  GBA’s team of skilled professionals has a history of success in delivering customized consultation services ranging from developing community health assessments, program evaluations, GIS mapping and analysis, community health planning, strategic planning, and grant proposal development.  Each year, GBA secures more than $650 million in grants, contracts and renewals.

We specialize in working with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) on compliance, Changes in Scope, Operational Site Visits (OSV), Federal Torts Claims Act (FTCA) applications, and other forms of compliance, in addition to progress reporting, including Service Area Competitions (SACs), Budget Period Renewals, and Annual Certifications.

GBA’s organizational clients range from FQHCs to homeless services providers to behavioral health agencies and are located in states from Alaska to Texas to Massachusetts.  If you have an idea for a service or program and do not as yet have a nonprofit organization, we can also help you to incorporate and to apply to receive your IRS 501(c)(3) designation.