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Project Manager, Rosali Delgado, Making a Difference

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

As a project manager and grant writer at GBA, Rosali Delgado guides partner nonprofit organizations through various processes like grant writing efforts, FQHC compliance, and Board training. Her level of expertise in the industry is something that even team members turn to for guidance. However, Rosali still takes time to continue developing her leadership and professional skills.

In May 2017, Rosali applied to be part of the California Stewardship Network’s first cohort (2017-2018). The CSN works to connect rising leaders from more than 15 regions of California to discuss interconnected socio-economic disparities affecting their homes. This is done as an effort to develop “innovative regional solutions to the state’s most pressing economic, environmental, and community challenges.”

Helping Others

During her time in the program, Rosali and her cohort traveled to multiple cities in California to personally observe the specific needs of different regions. They attended a series of workshops with established mentors from different fields. The workshops offered a platform for the team to discuss how issues like unemployment, housing insecurity, and educational gaps affect various communities throughout California in unique ways. Mentors also used that time to share leadership strategies that could be used when tackling these issues. They brought their accumulated expertise in areas like community development, human services, and business to guide the new generation of California grown leaders.

“I work to help people in need have access to basic resources like healthcare,” Rosali states, “and I joined this program because it takes into account that a person’s wellbeing is affected by multiple factors. Your health is affected by where you live, what you eat, and work environment.

People struggling with unemployment or housing insecurity will also be impacted in all other aspects of their lives. It seems obvious, but many aid strategies don’t take this into account.”

Helping You

Rosali found the program useful in addressing the needs in her local community and also thought of ways to help our partner organizations. “Nonprofit Boards are amazing leadership spaces where doctors, housekeepers, or small business owners all have the same authority,” Rosali continues, “but I find that some people struggle to share their thoughts when other board members are professors or lawyers.” Rosali thinks that incorporating some of the Network’s Steward Leadership strategies into Board trainings that she leads might help all members realize the importance of their unique expertise. We are proud to have one of our team members represent Butte County on a state-wide level and bring new ideas home.

To learn more about Rosali’s work and dedication, you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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